Florida is a “shall issue state”  and will issue concealed carry permits to Residents and Non-Residents that meet the state requirements for a  Florida concealed carry permit .  These permits are valid for seven years and cost $112.  Persons applying for a FL CWP must be 21 years of age and have completed training either through an NRA instructor or military.  The state of Florida does not allow Open Carry.

Concealed Weapons Classes

Concealed Weapons Permit classes are held at the range on Wednesday and Saturday or at your place of business by appointment. 

You may sign up online or walk-in. Please arrive 15 minutes early. 

Fees are paid when you arrive for the class.

Range classes are $75 per person and held every:

Wednesday 5-8 and
Saturday 9 – noon

$50 for current/former military with ID ( does not include dependents)

This is a three hour class taught by a certified NRA instructor that teaches when the state of Florida says deadly force is allowed to be used, laws of concealed carry, how you go about obtaining your license from the state, and also includes a minor shooting portion.  We offer a group discount rate of $50 per person for groups 8 or more and can be scheduled at your convenience.

Concealed Weapons classes can also be held at your place of business for you and your employees.  Oak Ridge will send an instructor to your business, minimum charge of $500. Please contact us with any questions or to schedule.

Basic Firearm Training

Basic firearm courses are a one hour course designed for new shooters or shooters who are looking for a refresher course.  

Classes are held at a variety of times. Because of high demand for this class, please call the range at 850-932-5500 for the schedule and to sign up.

Fees are paid when you arrive for the class. 

This course is one hour with an NRA certified instructor at a cost of $50 for one student, $40 a piece for 2-3 shooters, by appointment only.  Any groups with more than three students can be accommodated, please contact Oak Ridge for pricing.  

The basic firearm class is approximately thirty minutes inside the classroom learning basic firearm safety rules and the five fundamentals of shooting, followed by approximately thirty minutes in the range live shooting.