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Safety Is Our First Priority | Learn About Our Range Rules


Safety is our first concern. Due to Covid 19 concerns, rules may change. Check with the lobby for the most current information.
Currently, the range is operating at full capacity. At Oak Ridge Gun Range in Gulf Breeze we offer 8 well lit lanes: 5 pistol lanes and 3 rifle capable lanes.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason.


Always Point Firearms In A Safe Direction


Keep your finger off the trigger, except when shooting


Eye & ear protection is required


keep firearms open & unloaded expect when shooting


alcoholic beverages, drugs or persons consuming those items are not allowed in the range


No shooting at objects on the floor


No drawing or firing from holsters


No one is allowed forward of the firing line


if problems should occur while on the range, leave firearm and consult staff


All loading and unloading of a firearm and magazine should only be done inside the shooting stall


additional range rules

  • All shooters are first come, first served. We do not take reservations.
  • No Membership is required.
  • Two people are allowed in a stall at a time, extra shooters can rotate from the lobby.
  • Firearms CANNOT BE EXCHANGED between two lanes.
  • We do not allow centerfire rifle ammunition that has any steel in the projectile.
  • We do not allow muzzleloaders.
  • No loaded guns allowed outside your lane.
  • You must be at least 10 years old to enter the shop and range.

Any unsafe behavior will cause disqualification from the facility.

gun rental rules

Please note that firearm rentals are for two or more people, or a single person already in possession of a firearm.  To protect our investment in our rental program, only ammunition bought at Oak Ridge GB can be used in our firearms.

Per Florida law the purchaser of handgun ammunition must be 21 years of age with a valid ID.

Our rental inventory includes over 40 firearms:

  • Rifles 22 calibre
  • Handguns start at 22 calibre to 45 long colt
  • Shotguns

You are able to trade the firearm out as many times as you’d like so feel free to shoot the entire rental inventory.  If you purchase a firearm the same day as using our rental your rental fee will be credited back to you.  

Rental firearms are included in the price of training programs offered by Oak Ridge.  

    Rental rules:
    Bring your photo ID. Due to Covid 19, you must supply your own eye and hearing protection. PPE is available to purchase at the range. Cost is $20  to rent a firearm, plus the cost of ammunition.

    Basic Firearm Safety rules from the NRA

    Handle all firearms as if they are loaded.

    Make sure ammunition matches the firearm.

    Store Firearms and ammunition in a safe place.

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    gun shop and range open 7 days -
    No registration needed for concealed carry classes


    1889 Cowen Road,
    Gulf Breeze, FL 32563

    gun range and gun shop hours

    Monday to Saturday | 9am to 8pm
    Sunday | 12pm - 6pm