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Enjoy Your Virtual Tour Of Oak Ridge Gun Range & Shop
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Take a tour of oak ridge gun range & shop

This is an interactive tour of the Oak Ridge Gun Shop and the shooting lanes. Follow the arrows to view all the areas of the gun shop and range.

gun shop and range hours

Address:  1889 Cowen Road, Gulf Breeze, FL 32563

Monday to Saturday:  9am to 8pm
Sunday:  12pm – 6pm

oak ridge gun range and shop

Oak Ridge Gun Range features a Gun Shop, a full service gunsmithing dept., a state of the art indoor shooting range, classes & lessons. Our highly trained staff are dedicated to safety and ensuring you enjoy your time with us.


gun shop with over 700+ firearms and accessories


Florida Firearm Licensed (FFL) Dealer


No Membership


8 Stall Indoor Shooting Range  |  3 Lanes Rifle Capable


gun rentals


Concealed Weapons Permit Classes


basic firearm training




Sales, Special Orders, & Layaways


Direct Buys, Consignments, & Trades


Ammunition & Firearm Accessories


Military and Law Enforcement Discounts


Female-friendly firearm instruction and range


gift cards

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gun shop and range open 7 days -
No registration needed for concealed carry classes


1889 Cowen Road,
Gulf Breeze, FL 32563

gun range and gun shop hours

Monday to Saturday | 9am to 8pm
Sunday | 12pm - 6pm